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Welcome to Our Sarvebhyo Foundation

Nonprofit organizations with right intentions play an important role in the social and economic well-being of India. They provide services, resources, policies and much more to meet community needs.  Sarvebhyo Foundation founded by Alok and Monika is working on various such causes. We support our community to drive economic development, the arts, cultural awareness, education, health, cleanliness drive, upliftment of underprivileged  — virtually every sector of society. As government agencies are failing in many fronts on health, education, and other areas, the role of Sarvebhyo foundation becomes important. The role of Sarvebhyo and others such organisations in society can have ripple effects throughout the economy. SARVEBHYO FOUNDATION aims at realising institutional social change through Public Policy intervention across the policy value chain. Our approach focuses on accomplishing an Equitable, Inclusive and Socially Just society.